Being at Laxforsen is like coming home, and it is easy to be blinded by the beauty that constantly lies before your eyes when you are here. Large forests spread out around the lake, the swan couple with their kids lying bobbing in the reeds and the boat whisper of the giant pike that have not yet been drawn up. Even though the city is near, it's almost always quiet out here, and to have the whole area to yourself is what makes it unique.

The lake cottage is rented out year round and continues to be a place people comes back to. Midsummer on the patio, fishing from the raft at dawn, a beer in the wood burning tub under the starry sky. Or why not chancellery picking in the forest or a swim in an ice hole before running in to the sauna again?

Laxforsen have experiences to offer all year round whether you are a professional fisherman, looking for a place to have the bachelor party or want a weekend out of the ordinary with the class, family, association or company. You are the one who sets the limits.

Since 1600th century there have lived people here beside and below the lake when millers and farmhands working at the minimum and termination of Djursjöarna (the animal lakes) - Lilla djursjön. The salmon doesn't play in the water anymore, but both perch, carp and pike lies and swims at the inlet and under the bridge. The trails are not trampled by a neighbor running shoes, but the elk and deer moving in the area.